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Hello, friends!

I’m Edie; thanks for stopping by!

I joined Medium back in June of 2019, have been on a bit of a topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride ever since. If you stick around, you’ll probably notice that sometimes I publish a lot, and other times, I can go for long dry spells. That’s just the multipotentialite in me getting wrapped up in other things!

A little about me…

Still trying to adjust to the empty-nester life, I live with my husband and fur-babies in Ontario, Canada. …

Some opinions should be kept to ourselves

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(Image by Rafael Juárez from Pixabay)

“Our mission is to help people find and share books they love.” — Goodreads

A fantastic concept and a marvellous mission. When some of my bookish friends told me about Goodreads and invited me to join them on it a few years ago, I was excited. I thought it was an excellent opportunity to become part of the “world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.” I mean, what self-proclaimed book nerd wouldn’t?

It didn’t take very long for me to realize that what I had considered to be a sacred space for readers, was in fact, crawling with some of the slimiest and creepiest of internet trolls - opinionated and uncensored ‘book critics.’ …

The burden of grief

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(Image by Dmitrii Bardadim from Pixabay)

How can the sun keep shining, rising, setting, it’s too bright now, too white, blinding, scorching. Let me burn, burn the hollow to ashes, burn the ashes to powder, to dust, fill the void with them, and flowers. Lots of flowers, yellow and pink and red and blue. They dance to the stings you pluck, in the wind that shouldn’t blow, on the grass that shouldn’t grow. I hear the fiddle singing, the banjo twanging, the harmonica whining. I hear the guitar strumming, in the kitchen, New Year’s Eve. The music, the laughter, the chatter, the love. Too many people, never enough, come on in, pull up a seat. Always room for more. How dare the stars still twinkle in the darkness of your missing light, it isn’t right, you can’t be gone, shouldn’t be gone, you’ll never be gone. Never meant to leave because angels aren’t supposed to die. Immortal. You’ve always been immortal, but now…now you look at me, an eternal paper smile suspended in time, and the salt and pain rain from my eyes in a surging tide, ebbing, flowing, flowing, how do I still have tears. How dare the earth still spin, turning, the wrong way, crooked and skewed, hanging perilously at odd angles. How dare it still spin, can’t it hear me crying, my heart bleeding, breaking, disintegrating, rusting. Never meant to leave because the sun isn’t supposed to burn out, it’s made to burn bright and hot, all-powerful, all-consuming, eternal soul, unshakable, unbreakable, a monument, a solid foundation, like those you laid with your own hands, brick by brick, heartbeat by heartbeat, breath by breath. Perpetual. A purer heart doesn’t exist, isn’t possible. A heart loving unconditionally, authentically. Wholly. Completely. Contagiously. You were supposed to stay, keep crossing foreheads and telling stories, do you remember when? Do you remember, we sat in your kitchen, for hours without counting, and you told me I was your favourite, you’re my favourite, too. I told you. I got to tell you, and laugh and cry and talk, and love. I said to come and visit, you knew you wouldn’t. You knew, when you hugged me a little longer than usual, it was goodbye. When you said, ‘I love you so so much, and that will never change.’ you knew. You crossed my forehead and looked to the sky, you knew. You took the music with you. …

Embrace your beautiful human imperfections

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(Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay)

Real life isn’t photoshopped!

For decades, we’ve been programmed and brain-washed into believing the simple-minded falsehood of how the ideal body should look—smooth, flawless skin, free of pimples and dimples, scars and stretch marks. I mean, god forbid you look human! Hide those nasty imperfections! Um…No. Just no.

We think it’s cute on baby bottoms—we ooh and ahh over their dimpled bums and Michelin Man rolls. But the moment an adult sports the same look, it becomes unsightly and shameful. Kind of makes you go, hmmm…

Media does a great job of teaching us that to be considered attractive, we have to hold a specific set of ideal visual attributes. We need to slather on the primer and foundation to fill those pores and camouflage those blemishes. Exfoliate until the last flake of dry skin has been washed down the drain. Trim those dead-ends, and cover up those greys. Walk countless miles on the treadmill, and push through thousands of squats and crunches — we’ve got to be silver-screen-ready to go to the grocery store or drop the kids off at daycare, and anything less is completely unacceptable. …


Hollywood fiction versus historical fact

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( Photo by from Pexels)

Halloween. The spooky holiday. The one day of the year when we get to dress up as famous movie characters or superheroes, ghouls and creatures of the night, or even our favourite Starbucks drink, complete with cotton batting whipped cream topping. We pull our pillows out of their cases and make our way up and down the streets of our neighbourhood, begging for treats. Except for this year, as most cities have all but cancelled, or ‘postponed,’ one of the most anticipated — by children and adults alike — days of the year.

This is the month when scary movies are played on repeat on cable TV, and creepy decorations adorn front porches and walkways. The days of ghosts and goblins and make-believe, and for most, it isn’t anything more than that. For others, however, it’s much, much more. …

Rebuilding in a never-ending apocalypse

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(Image by ejaugsburg from Pixabay)

It’s been a long, hard ride, and it doesn’t look like it’s about to end anytime soon. I started 2020 with high hopes — the “year of clear vision,” I was told. Oh, the delusions.

It hit us out seemingly of nowhere — some harder than others — like something out of a Stephen King novel, only much more terrifying because reality is always scarier than fiction. There were no creatures coming out of the mist, no haunted hotels with decaying grannies, and no cursed strawberry pies. No, this was much worse, because it affected the entire world. Is there an end in sight? …

Don’t let your resume do all the work!

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Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in that reception room waiting for someone to fetch you for your interview. You’re fidgety, and your palms are so sweaty you’re leaving wet streaks on your pant legs, and — sniff — did you forget deodorant?

Whether you’re applying to your first or tenth job, the process doesn’t get any less nerve-wracking. Interviews can feel like not-so-glorified auditions, but, with the right mindset, you can ensure you’re going in there and presenting your most confident self.

Here are five tips that will help you walk into your next interview with confidence:

1. Do your research!

Next to your impeccable resume, information is the best weapon you can arm yourself with when going into an interview. It would be best if you had more than a vague idea of what the company does. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a minimum wage position or a high-paying gig, if you want to capture your interviewer’s attention, you need to make a good impression and go a step (or ten) beyond other candidates! …

Good things come to those who work for it

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( Photo by Pedro Sandrini from Pexels)

Life certainly isn’t like it used to be, and we’re seeing that now, more than ever before. We’re living in an automated world of our own making, emphasized even more in the past few months by events that are our of our control; from paying for gas at the pump to drive-thru banking, and the ‘buy now’ one-click purchase option with next day delivery from Amazon. Not only is it all automatic, but it’s also instantaneous. We can communicate with someone on the other side of the world at the touch of a button and receive a response within seconds. The days of having to wait for anything are, for the most part, a thing of the past. …

The results of an unintentional experiment

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(Image by photosforyou from Pixabay)

I’m the type of person who tends to either be all in or completely out. I’ve always had difficulty finding balance, or middle-ground, with anything I get into. Medium is no different. Since I joined Medium on June 29th of last year, I’ve pushed myself hard to try and publish consistently, and to grow my following and my earnings — until I just couldn’t push anymore.

Near the end of February, I felt what I can only describe as a ‘creative shriveling.’ In other words, I had nothing left in me. …

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