Alias: Juliette Willows, self-love & personal growth addict in search of the simple life, entrepreneur, and dream chaser extraordinaire!

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I’m Edie; thanks for stopping by!

I joined Medium back in June of 2019, have been on a bit of a topsy-turvy rollercoaster ride ever since. If you stick around, you’ll probably notice that sometimes I publish a lot, and other times, I can go for long dry…

Here is a list of all of my work, alphabetically categorized under each umbrella topic, as follows:

  • Climate & Environment
  • Dear Diary — Personal Pieces
  • Fiction
  • Finance & Business
  • Food
  • Health — Mind & Body
  • Personal Development & Self-Love
  • Poetry
  • Rants
  • Society & World News and Views
  • Spirituality & Religion

Embrace your beautiful human imperfections

(Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay)

Real life isn’t photoshopped!

For decades, we’ve been programmed and brain-washed into believing the simple-minded falsehood of how the ideal body should look—smooth, flawless skin, free of pimples and dimples, scars and stretch marks. I mean, god forbid you look human! Hide those nasty imperfections! Um…No. Just no.

We think it’s cute on baby…


Hollywood fiction versus historical fact

( Photo by from Pexels)

Halloween. The spooky holiday. The one day of the year when we get to dress up as famous movie characters or superheroes, ghouls and creatures of the night, or even our favourite Starbucks drink, complete with cotton batting whipped cream topping. We pull our pillows out of their cases and…

Edie Tuck

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